Privacy Policy

Please ensure you read the following statement

The Greater Moments project will store data relating to users who engage with the application. As well as this, we may use third party systems, such as Google Analytics, to store anonymised data about how visitors to the website are interacting with content. If you intend to use our website or services, please read the below privacy policy. 


As a UK based project, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to our handling and processing of any personal data we are provided with.

Sensitive Personal Data

Greater Moments is designed to track the wellbeing and experiences of individuals living with dementia, as well as those who care for them. This includes a wellbeing tracker, logging of personal events, and open-ended text statements relating to feelings.

We process this information so that:

  • We can better understand the immediate impact that day-to-day events have on the emotional wellbeing of people living with dementia
  • We can better understand the way that certain events have a long-term impact on the trajectory of individuals’ wellbeing; for example, the delayed downturn in mental wellbeing following a cancelled or missed appointment.
  • We can provide local services with anonymised information relating to how their service is performing; for example, if service users are having pronounced downturns in mental wellbeing after engagement.
  • In future, we can triage support services ahead of when they are required, but forecasting expected downturns in wellbeing following a criteria of recorded events.

We carry this out on the basis that you have consented to allow your data to be used in this way when providing consent during the sign up process. This means that, should you not consent, or remove consent at any time, then we must – and will – remove your data from the database.

The data provided will predominantly used by Dementia United to better understand the impact of certain events on wellbeing, as well as to GMCA and the NHS, to reach out to support services and provide guidance on improvements to services.

Outside of any family members and carers you may have agreed to share your data with, all further use of this data is anonymised; this means that entries are not identifiable, with your name being replaced with an anonymous code. A full list of the parties who have access to your anonymised data is provided below:

  • Social Sense
  • Hitch Marketing Limited
  • Dementia United
  • Greater Manchester Combined Health Authority
  • NHS and other health services, including my GP practice
  • Care Home Provider (where suitable)

If you wish us to stop processing and storing your personal data, you should email us at and state that you wish to withdraw your consent. At this stage, we will delete all sensitive personal data that we have about you.

Other Personal Data

As well as the above listed sensitive information about your wellbeing, we may also request the following information:

  • Feedback on the application or your user experience
  • Your requests for advice on how to use the application

In these instances, your data will be collated into a feedback log to be worked through between the below agencies to improve the application.

  • Social Sense
  • Hitch Marketing Limited
  • Dementia United

This will be used only to collate feedback, and guide future developments and adjustments to the system. If you have indicated you would like to be kept informed of how your feedback is used, we may contact you – in line with how you have requested this information – to update you on this.

You may also sign up for wider project updates, either as a user, service provider, or interested public party. In these instances, we will request your name, email address, and an indication as to what information you are interested in. We will then send you emails relating to project updates, which will include an ‘opt out’ link to allow you to withdraw consent to contact you at any time. Contact based upon this original opt in will be legally based around you having a legitimate interest in the Greater Moments project.

This data will be stored for as long as the project runs, unless you choose to opt out. If the project is to conclude early, data will be kept for up to 5 years from this date for liability purposes, and will then be deleted.

Third Party Processors

We use a number of third parties and services to process some of your data, to allow us to operate in a more efficient manner – for example, storing your email address in a service such as MailChimp if you have requested that we send you newsletter updates. Where this is the case, we do not permit them to use your data for their own purposes. They will not be permitted to store this data after our relationship with their service comes to a close.

These processors include:

  • Survey Monkey
  • Mailchimp
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google

GDPR and Your Rights

GDPR provides you with a number of rights, which are provided free of charge to you. It is your legal right to freely:

  • Access personal information we have stored on you
  • Request (and expect us to rectify) any mistakes in the information which we hold on your record
  • Request (and expect us to remove) any personal information relating to you
  • Request (and receive in a readable format) any data that we store relating to you

If you would like to exercise any of those rights, please contact our data protection officer as listed below:

Social Sense, Digital World Centre, 1 Lowry Plaza, Salford Quays, Manchester M50 3UB

0161 216 4080


This notice was last updated on 09/03/2020, when it was created.